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About Zaay Zaay

About Zaay Zaay

"Hi, my name is Isaiah but my friends call me Zay Zay. I founded this business at 10 years of age because I have sensitive skin and whenever I put chemically filled products in my hair my scalp gets very itchy. I had the idea of making my own hair products that are not full of nasty ingredients. I told this story to my family and they all helped and supported me in making this idea come to life. I am excited and proud to offer Zaay-Zaay to all of you. I hope you love it!"

 About My Product


I named my first product Sand Storm because we were going for a dry look like if you were in a sand storm your hair would go dry and sandy. Kaolin clay is one of the main ingredients that help achieve this look and is also great for sensitive skin. I have created my labels with a green colour because I like playing X-Box and I like that colour green. I also did my hair and asked my dad to take a picture of me which I then put through an app that would make a sketch out of it. I used this to put on the front of the label.