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Introducing Zaay Zaay

Zaay Zaay is the new Australian natural hair brand with an inspiring story. Zaay Zaay was founded by Isaiah Felli, the 10-year-old son of Tanya Felli, who founded the Australian natural beauty brand ivadore in 2015 with a pioneering natural self-tanning treatment that has developed a cult following amongst the health and fitness community.

Zaay Zaay is Isaiah’s nickname so it was an easy choice for him when it came to picking a brand name. His motivations, much like Tanya’s for starting ivadore, were born from a frustration with the chemical hair products commonly available on the market. Isaiah, like many 10-year-old boys loves to style his hair, but he suffered with a sensitive scalp and all the hair pastes on the market dried it out and made it itchy.

Having been around his mum’s business, which prior to founding ivadore, consisted of wholesaling natural beauty products to existing brands, Isaiah was very familiar with the benefits of natural beauty alternatives so he went to Tanya and asked her to help him create his own natural matte hair styling paste.

At just 10 years of age Isaiah had a strong vision for what he wanted from this product and the finished result is Sand Storm, a natural Matte Hair Styling paste named for its dry, highly texturised look as though the wearer had been through a sand storm. 
The key ingredient used to achieve the Sand Storm look is natural Kaolin clay, which is so gentle and nourishing that it has been used in face and hair masks. It is responsible for adding texture to the hair, but it does not dry it out, its rich level of silica instead adds vital moisture to nourish the scalp and detoxify the hair.

Sand Strom by Zaay Zaay uses only Natural and Certified Organic ingredients such as Certified Organic Green Tea, which is a powerful antioxidant with equally effective anti-inflammatory properties. Macadamia Oil is also responsible for soothing the scalp with its anti-irritant and moisturising capabilities. There is no Parabens or Petrolatum and the product is completely Cruelty Free, mirroring the principals on which Tanya founded ivadore.

The light creamy texture and refreshing Spearmint scent make it feel instantly nourishing and the contemporary matte finish leaves the hair looking freshly styled all day long without stripping it of nutrients with harsh chemicals.

Beyond Sand Storm, Isaiah had a strong vision for what he wanted the Zaay Zaay brand to look like, selecting the green colour in the logo to reflect his love of X-box and using a photo of himself, with his hair styled just how he likes it, turned into a sketch for the logo and label.

The first Zaay Zaay campaign was also a family affair, with Isaiah himself (top picture) in the middle alongside his elder cousin and his younger brother, all with hair perfectly styled by Sand Storm.

 Tanya says, “It’s a very proud moment when you realise that something you are incredibly passionate about has made a difference to the way your child thinks and sees the world. I was really amazed not only by his coming to me with the idea, but with the dedication he showed to the whole project and the clarity of his vision for how he wanted everything to be. Zaay Zaay is the creation of my son, as much as ivadore is a reflection of my passions.”

She also wants people to note that, “Even though Isaiah wanted to market this product to his peers, anyone can use it, it works for men of all ages who want to style their hair and women, particularly with short hair, who want a bit more texture for their hair.”

Zaay Zaay maybe the brainchild of a 10-year-old boy, but with ivadore already cementing itself firmly in the Australian natural beauty industry, the future is bright for Zaay Zaay as well. Sand Storm is just the beginning and Isaiah is already working on other natural hair products to compliment it.

Zaay Zaay is much more than cool hair for cool boys, it’s the dream of a 10-year-old boy, following in his mother’s footsteps and inspiring others to look to natural, chemical-free alternatives that are better for their health and the environment.

"I am a 39 year old father of three. I first purchased Zaay Zaay a few months ago for my son because I was impressed to see a hair product that wasn't full of harmful ingredients. Not only did the product do all it was supposed to do but also smelt sooo good and my son immediately fell in love with it. I was happy with the current product I was using for myself but thought I would also give Zaay Zaay a go. Long story short I now use this amazing product as well. This is the only product I have ever used that not only holds so well but also allows you to still run your hands through your hair without compromising the strong hold it gives!! Well done Zaay Zaay for creating an amazing product I am truly blown away!"Corey.